About us

”Hockey Heroes helping inspire the next generation: Tom Boon, the Belgium men’s sharp-shooting forward has lent his name and his coaching ability to Tom Boon’s Hockey Camps ” - FIH

Our team

Tom Boon

Founder - Red Lion - World Champion

Victor Wegnez

Coordinator sport program - Red Lion - European Best Player 2019

Lucas De Mot

Sport Director - Former DH player & Coach

Matthieu De Mot

Managing director - Former DH player

Olivier Coulon

TopHockey Coordinator & Training Mentor - EHF Indoor Coach

Nicolas Roche

Responsible goalies - Red Lions Indoor Staff

Stéphane Drieux

Responsible TBHC France

Our Ambassadors

Arthur De Sloover

Red Lion - Male Rising Star of the Year 2018

Augustin Meurmans

Red Lion - World Champion

Jill Boon

300 caps Red Panther

Barbara Nelen

Red Panther - Double Golden Stick

Our coordinators

Frederico Orlando

D1 coach

Pilou Maraite

DH player Leuven

Estelle Meulemans

DH player Racing - Public Award Golden Stick 2019

Louis Willems

DH player Orée

Gaëtan Dykmans

DH player Watducks

Alexis Cayphas

DH player Racing

Anthony Van Stratum

DH player Herakles

Thibault Cornillie

DH coach - Former DH player

Kim Sistermans

Former DH player Wellington

Brian Bogaert

D1 player White Star

Patrice Houssein

Former Red Lion - Olympian 2008

Mathias Gowie

D1 player Wellington

Tin Matkovic

EHF coach

Our partners